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About Forge Hardware

Adding Value To The Australian Glass Hardware Industry

After working in the glass hardware supply industry for many years and gaining invaluable insight into the potential for e-commerce services, founder of Forge Hardware embarked on the journey to expand the current glass hardware market capabilities through an innovative e-commerce model. The new business model is built on efficiency and expertise, ensuring a stronger partnership between supplier and trade professionals in the Australian glass hardware industry.

Every decision that goes into making Forge Hardware one of the most trusted brands within the glass hardware supply industry has been developed with careful thought and insight. From expert product handling to industry leading product quality and design, Forge Hardware is breaking into the market and into our customers' list of most trusted partners.

Forge Hardware offers the unbeatable combination of excellent craftsmanship, deep industry knowledge, quick delivery and unparalleled online e-commerce experience.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Partnering with the highest quality manufacturers who understand the Australian hardware market, we are able to request adjustments to products where we see an opportunity for refinement. Keep an eye out for innovative product developments that are coming very soon.

Our product range not only looks immaculate, each product has been carefully vetted by our product specialists. Each product can be found on the company website, photographed in high quality finishes to highlight the precision and quality of each product. Each product also comes with precise specifications to assist with your installation project. You’ll also find 3D renderings to help you get a better understanding of how each product fits with its glass counterparts.

For tailored advice that relates to your installation job, our industry experts will be available when you need.


Deep Industry Knowledge

Whether you’re looking for advice on product specifications or installation instructions, our seasoned team of customer service specialists will be able to answer your questions. Our knowledge is up to date and in line with Australian regulatory standards. This helps our customers complete jobs professionally with the added confidence that each product is of the highest standard.

We truly aim to be an asset to our customers because we believe that beautifully installed frameless glass adds joy and value to our customers' lives. We fell in love with the beauty of modern frameless glass and we hope you do too. Every day, it is our mission to deliver the exceptional experience that you deserve.

Quick Delivery

Forge Hardware runs on an incredibly efficient system which tracks stock from shipment to delivery to the end consumer.

At every moment of every day, our team has access to the exact number of stock on hand at the tip of our fingertips. This means that we can send you the products you need, with no unnecessary delays. Once an order is placed, an order confirmation will be sent to your inbox. Then our team works on packing your order and scheduling our daily courier deliveries. Our local courier partners help to ensure your order arrives on time and in perfect condition.

We understand how important that perfect finish is so we make sure to protect each product before shipping it to the standard we would want our products to be taken care of - and that is at a very high level!

Unparalleled Online E-Commerce Experience

The solution is a modern website with stunning photos of over 300+ products ranging from pivot hinges to mini posts and spigots. Customers are able to purchase directly from the website, then have products delivered to their address of choice or the option to pick up their order from the Forge warehouse in Ringwood during work hours.

Customers can also make an account to simplify the re-ordering process. Customers will find that the backend allows for simple product reordering and purchase tracking.

Our innovative approach to fast operations also includes QR-code scanning technology which allows for instant on-the-go ordering. Simply open up your camera app on any smart-phone, hover over the QR code until a web link appears. Click open the web link. This will take you to the specific Forge product on our website.


Visiting The Brick And Mortar Store

On a visit to the brick and mortar in Ringwood, you’ll find plenty of free parking to the right of our entrance. As you walk towards the store, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful mural painting by a local artist. The vibrant blues, greens and oranges are hard to miss. The image paints a girl enjoying a day in an outdoor pool protected by frameless glass pool fencing, and of course secured in place by Forge Hardware mini posts and latches.

You’ll notice as you walk towards the front door that we operate both Forge Hardware and Forge Glass. Our Forge Hardware brand supplies glass hardware products and our Forge Glass brand supplies glass panels for frameless glass shower screens and frameless glass pool fences. Our newly installed glass pool fence display and frameless glass shower display provides a close up experience of our products. Feel free to walk up on the display decking and take a closer look at our products.

Our shop counter is where you can speak with one of our customer service representatives for up to date and personalised advice, whether it be for your personal installation product or for advice on products that you are purchasing for your next installation client.