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    Our list of Product Finishes include.

    Satin Chrome
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Frameless showers are the most modern and luxurious choice for your new bathroom renovation project. With more than 10 colour choices to choose from, you'll be bound to find a colour that speaks to your heart's desire. Our customers love frameless showers because they provide a beautiful alternative that enhances light and airflow in the bathroom. Each piece of hardware is easily cleaned and maintained with minimal hassle. Their shine and charm will bring joy for years to come.

Expertly sourced from dedicated frameless shower hardware manufacturing plants overseas, we ensure that each hinge is designed to exceed your expectations and top similar products currently on the market. We sell the best hardware to our trade and retail customers so they can get the job done right every time. Our products have become so popular in recent years that our customer base has grown from local orders to interstate and also overseas. With our trusted brand and growing range, you'll know we'll look after your project needs from small to big.

Frameless shower glass to glass panels are held in place by two or three hinges depending on the glass size. For extra large glass panels, we offer a dedicated range of heavy duty hinges that offer extra strength. Each glass to wall panel is then either connected to the wall with a glass to wall bracket, channel or u bracket for optimal strength and design aesthetic.