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  1. GCP5WP Wood Putty 5kg
    GCP5WP Wood Putty 5kg
    $33.39 $30.35
  2. GCP5SP Steel Putty 5kg
    GCP5SP Steel Putty 5kg
    $38.05 $34.59
  3. GCP500WP Wood Putty 500g
    GCP500WP Wood Putty 500g
    $7.70 $7.00
  4. GCP500SP Steel Putty 500g
    GCP500SP Steel Putty 500g
    $9.25 $8.41
  5. GCP175WP Wood Putty 1.75kg
    GCP175WP Wood Putty 1.75kg
    $15.47 $14.06
  6. GCP175SP Steel Putty 1.75kg
    GCP175SP Steel Putty 1.75kg
    $19.42 $17.65
  7. GCP10WP Wood Putty 10kg
    GCP10WP Wood Putty 10kg
    $56.68 $51.53
  8. GCP10SP Steel Putty 10kg
    GCP10SP Steel Putty 10kg
    $61.34 $55.76

8 Items

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Glazing Putty

If there are any holes, cracks or gaps appearing around the wooden or steel window frames in your home, it’s important to get them sealed as soon as possible. This can be achieved with the right wood glazing putty or metal glaze putty from the range offered by Forge Hardware.

Forge Hardware is a trusted Melbourne supplier of both steel window glazing putty and wood filler putty products from premium brands. We sell these products at affordable prices and can help you choose the right product to seal up your window frames quickly and safely.

Wood Glazing Putty

We can supply you with quality wood filler putty specifically made to seal up wooden surfaces. This putty provides an easy way to finish timber window frames and fill in both small cracks and nail holes in timber floors.

Metal Glaze Putty

If your old steel window frames now have cracks or holes in them, you should use a steel window glazing putty. Forge Hardware can supply you with a steel putty that’s perfect for sealing, with a colour that blends in with your steel windows and doors.

Get the Glazing Putty You Need Today

You can rely on Forge Hardware to have the wood glazing putty or steel putty product you need in stock. Place your order today or learn more by calling us on 1800 0 FORGE or contacting us online.