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Toughened Glass

Toughened glass refers to glass whose molecular structures change greatly after heated at high temperature (at 650℃, it starts to become soft) and quenched and thus there appears even and strong pressure stress on glass surface as well as even and strong tensile stress inside, to multiple mechanical strength of glass.

Equipment and Processing Capability

10 toughened glass production lines of different specifications from TAMGLASS and GLASSROBOTS in Finland and top glass machinery manufacturers in China.

Thickness Range


Dimension Range:

Maximum size: 2400mm﹡7500mm


Toughened is widely applied in places where mechanical strength and safety is required, such as glass door, curtain wall for building, elevation windows, interior partition, furniture, as well as places close to sources of heat and places which are subject to severe thermal shock.

Quality Standard

Australia AS/NZS 2208 certification