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Low-E Glass

Online coated reflective glass is formed in tin bath by the process of chemical steam deposit. The raw material with the state of mixed gas is introduced with temperature more than 600℃ and form a metallic film which has excellent energy control function and reflective colours, including Pearl blue, Ford blue, Ocean blue, Silver blue, F-green, Nature-green, Grey, Silver grey, Brown, White, Pink, etc.

The online Low-E glass can be directly tempered, heat-strengthened, and hot-bending, and can be used in single glazing.


World leading pyrolytically online coating technology;

Durable hard coating

Can be used in monolithic form or incorporated into IGUs or Laminates without edge deletion required

Easily handled, bent, heat-strengthened and tempered like clear float glass

Thickness range:


Dimension Range:

Max: 3660mm × 5000mm

Large variety of non-standard size.

Product Standards:

Enterprise internal control quality standard FG2017PC