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Thinking About Installing a Frameless Glass Pool Fence or Balustrade In Your Backyard?

Frameless Glass Fence

Frameless glass pool fencing has become the most popular choice for Australian families as it offers a contemporary solution that not only looks fantastic and is as safe, if not safer, than traditional aluminium pool fences. Frameless glass fencing is also the preferred choice of architects, contractors and builders for home construction, and also multi-family apartments and hotels across Melbourne and around Australia. Whether you are planning to install a new swimming pool on your property, or just want revamp and existing pool enclosure, frameless glass fencing is an excellent choice.

Frameless glass fencing initially started as a high end, expensive product that only the top 1% could afford to have installed. With improvements in manufacturing of both toughened glass panels and stainless steel hardware (primarily overseas), these systems are now reasonably affordable for someone undertaking a new build or renovation project. 

Whether you are a DIY expert or an experienced tradie, selecting quality pool fencing glass and hardware should be at the top of your priority list when planning an installation.  

What is a Frameless Glass Pool Fence?

A frameless glass pool fence is a fence constructed of toughened glass with no frame, allowing light travel through the edges of the glass and creating a much lighter and brighter feel to the outdoor space. The traditional aluminium fence stands no match for a fully frameless glass pool fence which allows for perfect visibility into the pool. It also allows the backyard to feel much larger, as visitors can see straight through the glass and not be distracted by large uprights or pieces of metal. 

Benefits of Getting a Frameless Glass Pool Fence

1. Low Maintenance and Long Warranty

Frameless Glass Fence 2

When investing in a frameless glass pool fence, you should also be mindful of the maintenance requirements of both the glass and the hardware components. Frameless glass is actually very durable thanks to the toughening processes that our 12mm thick pool fencing glass is subject to. There is no real maintenance required on the glass itself, but of course keeping the glass clean from water marks and dirt will help maintain the appeal of the fence.

2. Safety, Design and Function

The main reasons frameless glass fencing is preferred when compared to other options is because of their unique aesthetic appeal. Without so much steel or aluminium obstructing the view of the pool, the backyard feels much more open and spacious, adding a sense of luxury. 

3. The Price

Thanks to the growing popularity of glass pool fencing over the years, they are now an affordable and cost effective option for both renovators and new home builders. While they are usually slightly more expensive than framed, semi-frameless or aluminium fencing, you are paying for a premium product which will add value to your home and will not lose its appeal or value over the coming years. 

Components Required 

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing consists of a variety of components, but all will include:

Part 1 of 2: Glass

The most common glass used for frameless fencing in Australia is 12mm clear toughened safety glass. Safety glass is tempered, which means that it is durable and long-lasting. Most suppliers of pre-made standard size pool fencing panels will import them from overseas, where quality control and general consistency in manufacturing can be issues. 

All Forge Hardware pool fencing panels are made right here in Melbourne, Australia. This allows us to check each panel for defects, chips or marks, and ensures that each panel is processed and toughened to Australian standards for Australian conditions. 

We premake fixed panels from 200mm up to 1800mm in 50mm increments. We also offer a selection of hinging panels, and gate panels to suit common hardware. 

Frameless Glass Fence

Part 2 of 2: Hardware

The choice of hardware to fix the glass will often depend on the base surface you are working with. The most common fixing method for pool fencing is stainless steel spigots or “miniposts”.

For tiles and concrete, core-drilling miniposts into the ground is most common, as it gives a very sturdy and strong finish to the fence. For deck mounting, or when core drilling is not possible, base mounted miniposts are also available. 

We also offer Polaris pool gate hinges, and a huge range of pool gate latches for both glass to glass, and glass to wall or post applications.


Frameless Glass Fence

How do I install a frameless glass pool fence?

If you are a homeowner who wants a frameless pool fence installed, Forge Hardware can help you through each step of the process. We are a team of industry professionals with extensive experience in the glass game. We can organise one of our trusted installers to measure and quote for the supply and installation of a Forge Hardware pool fence. We will then supply all parts to our installer who will complete the job for you. You only pay our installer, not us directly, so there is no need for multiple payments. We want to make it as easy as possible.

It is possible to install a pool fence yourself, if you are handy on the tools. Again we can help with support and technical advice to help you through your installation.

If you are a trade customer such as a professional glazier, builder, plumber or other trade who wishes to purchase directly from us, please get in contact and we can get you set up as with a trade account!

Forge Hardware are specialists in frameless glass pool fencing, and our extensive industry knowledge allows us to provide the best advice you need and support you require to organise your project. Feel free to get in contact with our technical team via email or phone and we can get the ball rolling!