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DIY Frameless Glass Pool Fence Installation Instructions!

DIY Frameless Glass Pool Fence Installation Instructions!



  1. Spigots 
  2. 1 latch
  3. 2 gate hinges 


  1. Fix panel
  2. Gate panel
  3. Hinge panel


  1. Measuring tape
  2. Chalk string
  3. Drill
  4. Water pump 
  5. Vacuum/ hand pump
  6. Marker/pencil
  7. Masking tape - for delicate/light coloured tiles 
  8. Glue (chemical anchor) 
  9. Allen key 
  10. Spirit level 




  1. Plan installation project 
    1. Ensure your fence complies with Australian regulations. Make sure to check with your local council. 
    2. Measure required fence length. Carefully measure the outer perimeter of your pool to determine the length of your desired pool fence. 
  2. Plan glass and hardware purchase requirements
    1. You will need to purchase standard glass panels, as well as 1 gate panel and 2 hinge panels. Each glass panel requires 2 spigots. Each spigot requires 4 nails. The gate panel requires 1 latch hardware part and 2 hinge parts. You can order more parts just to be safe and then return them if not required. If you do this, make sure the product is well protected to access our return policy
  3. Purchase glass, spigots and latches
    1. You can order all your glass and hardware parts from Forge Hardware either online, over the phone or through our online chat function! If you need an installer, we can help you organise that as well.