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FORGE - The Story behind the Brand

FORGE - The Story behind the Brand

Forge is defined in the dictionary as the process of:

  • Forging a metal object in a fire or furnace
  • Creating something strong, enduring and successful
  • Joining components together to form an unbreakable bond

Our brand, Forge Hardware have other meaningful connotations:

  • Hardware, in particular glass hardware (our initial range) is usually made of brass through the forging process

  • Glass, which will also be included in our range offer, is also formed by combining a number of elements inside a furnace

The process and quality

Forge, the traditional method for processing metal & glass signifies the sense of our value to uphold traditional workmanship and quality

  • The metaphor of forging our best manufacturing capabilities with our customers needs through an advanced and cost effective supply chain and cutting edge eCommerce platform.
  • Backed by a dedicated team who see the customers' success before our own
  • In Chinese, Forge pronunciation is very close to福至, a phrase meaning good luck and good fortune.

The FORGE logo was designed to reflect both the tradition of craftsmanship quality, and to convey a sense of modernity and simplicity

Through the impression made by its strong and elegant appearance, it represents our strong belief in premium quality products and services, delivered through our most modern, simplified channels.

The Forge logo is not only a combination of F and H, it also reflects two people shaking hands. The forged strengths of us and our customers. Our premium quality products with modern online channel and business customers in conjunction with our premium manufacturing capabilities are all incorporated in this metaphor.