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Forge Website Now Offer QR Scan Function

Forge Website Now Offer QR Scan Function

In this digital age, the mobile Internet has occupied almost every aspect of people's lives and has provided convenience to millions of people. Forge combines the advantages of mobile shopping to create Australia’s first hardware online store which offers customer “scan to order” convenience for busy tradies.

Opening up Forge’s official website (forgehardware.com.au / forgeglass.com.au) from a mobile device, customers will see the search icon. Clicking the search icon, instead of tying a product code or description in the search bar, customers has the option to click the QR code, which will open the phone’s camera.


All customer need to do next is to take a picture of the QR codes on Forge’s products and insert the image.

Forge has customised price list which can be downloaded for logged in customers.
On the price list, there is product photo as well as QR codes. Customer will be able to keep a physical copy and scan from the printed price list.

The product page will open up immediately. From there customer can lodge an inquiry or conduct a purchase.

Further more, if you are a registered customer, the express order function will make this process even faster.

After logging into your account click express order in the upper right corner.

You can now order multiple products by using the scan to cart function, with the fastest speed to complete the most accurate order purchase.

We are committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge technical support. We do this  through the continued advancement of technology, bringing the most concise, convenient and accurate shopping experience while providing high quality products at competitive prices.

“At Forge Hardware, our customers profit & satisfaction is our major priority”