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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing - Australian Made

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing - Australian Made

Frameless glass pool fencing has become extremely popular in Australia over the last 20 years (and longer). Frameless glass fencing and balustrading initially started as a very high end, very expensive product that only the top 1% could afford to have installed.

Thanks to advancements in manufacturing of both glass and hardware products used to complete pool fences, glass fencing has become much more affordable and accessible for home owners completing renovations or installing new pools on their property. 

Whether you are installing a frameless glass pool fence yourself, or having one installed for you, assurance that the glass being used is of an acceptable and certified standard is crucial to your peace of mind. 

In Australia, most modular frameless glass pool fencing panels are manufactured overseas, with only custom sized panels made locally to suit particular requirements. This can lead to issues with quality due to differences in production quality, quality control of defective panels and also issues panels being weakened due to rough travel overseas. 

We are extremely proud and delighted to be able to offer Australian made toughened glass pool fencing, manufactured right here in Melbourne. All our panels are locally made to strict Australian standards, and are put through rigorous quality inspections to ensure the best finish possible for your pool fence. 

We offer supply direct to the DIY market, as well as to experienced industry professionals. 

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