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Introducing The Hydraulic Pivot Patch Closer Range

Introducing The Hydraulic Pivot Patch Closer Range
What is a Hydraulic Pivot Patch Closer?

For those who are new to frameless glass systems, the hydraulic pivot patch closer is a beautifully designed pivot hinge-like system for frameless glass doors. The installation process is simple, removing the need to carve out concrete or tile flooring to complete the installation. The hydraulic pivot patch is attached to the frameless glass panel with ease, requiring only a cut out in the glass for proper fitting. The baseplate is secured on to the flooring and ceiling, then slipped into the main patch closer to hold the glass panel in place. The installation process is simple, clean and less time consuming. And of course, the finished look is modern, sleek and easy to maintain!

For expert glass installers, the hydraulic pivot patch closer is the latest and most innovative solution for frameless glass doors. No longer will you need to pre-set or cut out concrete to insert the clumsy floor boxes. You’ll be glad to know the new process is much less time consuming and messy! The hydraulic system allows the door to close automatically at a pre-set speed, whilst also holding open at a 90 degree angle option is desired. Long gone are also the bulky cover plates and overhead closers.

The glass panel is definitely the star of the show with this new range of hydraulic pivot path closers!

What is the difference between a hydraulic pivot patch closer and a butt hinge?

Pivot hinges are an alternative to traditional butt hinges. Where butt hinges must be attached to the side of a door, pivot hinges are attached to the top and bottom of a door, allowing the door to swing in either direction.

What types of hydraulic pivot patch closers are there?

Forge Hardware offers 2 types of pivot patch closer hinges: the Hydraulic patch closer hold open and the Hydraulic patch closer non-hold open design. The first uses an innovative design which allows the door to hold itself in place at a 90 degree angle once opened. When the door is pushed to its original position, it is able to gently slide back into place with no noise. The second is able to swing freely once opened and does not hold a 90 degree angle and always automatically goes back to its closing position, perfect for security doors and gates.

Can any door be used as a pivot door?

Our range of pivot hinges are designed for glass doors only. These can be used for residential or commercial buildings and offices.

What are pivot hinges used for?

Pivot hinges are used to secure glass doors to the ground. The two pivot hinges at the top and bottom of the glass hold the glass door in place, whilst also securing the glass panel to the ceiling and floor.

What are the advantages of a pivot door?

Pivot doors are modern and stylish. It’s really just that simple! The pivot door and glass hinge combination is easy to maintain, perfect for professional corporate settings and a warm and inviting home space. Of course, we could also tell you about how durable they are compared to butt hinges and about our 7 year warranty because that’s how much we believe in our products.

Are pivot hinges heavy duty?

Pivot hinges are very heavy duty and can be attached to doors that weigh up to 100kgs.

What styles and colours do you stock?

Our pivot hinge range includes both the hydraulic soft close variety and non hold variety. Our finishes come in Black, Polished and Satin.

Where can I buy pivot hinges for glass doors?

Here at Forge Hardware of course!